After having used Outlook Express as my email client for quite a while before switching over to Thunderbird, I got used to purging messages from folders by clicking an icon on the toolbar. As of Thunderbird 1.0, the only way to purge/expunge messages ("compact" in mozilla lingo) from a single folder is to right-click on that folder, and select "Compact This Folder" from a menu. The compactfolder extension simply adds a big toolbar button to Thunderbird for compressing the current folder.

Note that I whipped this extension together for my own 'needs', and it does what I need it to. If you want it to do something more or something different, feel free to patch the source and let me know. Otherwise, the chances are that I won't often be making updates to it.

  1. Go here to download/install the xpi file. You should probably choose the latest version.
  2. Restart Thunderbird after installing.
  3. Right-click somewhere on the top-toolbar, and choose "customize" from the context menu.
  4. Drag the "Compact" icon where you want it on your toolbar, and click "OK" on the customize toolbar dialog box.

The compactfolder project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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